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September 15, 2022 @ 2:42 pm

J-Talks Live - The New Wave

The Canadian Journalism Foundation’s (CJF) popular J-Talks Live kicked off its fall season with a special two-part event focused on news startups. Startups have become a recent bright spot in a media industry struggling to survive in the digital era and post-pandemic environment. Indeed, dozens of startups are thriving by filling coverage gaps such as community news and topics often overlooked by mainstream newsrooms.

In the two-part virtual event, the CJF showcased 10 visionaries to share their insights on their growing media sector, new business models and current challenges.

At the second event, on Thursday, September 15 at 1 p.m. EDT, the CJF presented the new wave leaders of recent outlets that are filling coverage gaps and connecting with new audiences.  The featured speakers are Brett Chang, co-founder, and CEO of The PeakMatthew DiMera, founder of The ResolveEden Fineday, business aunty and contributing storyteller, IndigiNews; and Anita Li, founder, and CEO of The Green LineLinda Solomon Wood, CEO and editor-in-chief of Canada’s National Observer leads this discussion.

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April 21, 2022 @ 10:49 am

J-Talks Live - Reimagining Business Journalism

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted labour markets globally. Housing affordability, precarious work, stagnant wages, social isolation, labour inequity and the drive to automation, are some of the major challenges facing the modern employee. Reimagining Business Journalism explores how newsrooms are rethinking their business coverage to reflect the post-COVID economy and ensure relevance among a new generation of younger, more diverse readers. The Canadian Journalism Foundation welcomes a panel of thought leaders in business journalism to share their insights on the future of industry coverage.

Featured speakers are Anupreeta Das, finance editor at The New York Times, Anne Gaviola, senior digital broadcast journalist at Global News, and Rita Trichur, senior business writer and columnist, The Globe and Mail. Leading this discussion is Christine Dobby, business reporter, Toronto Star.

Originally aired: April 20 | 12 p.m. ET

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February 23, 2022 @ 10:26 am

J-Talks Live - Reporting on the Ground in Afghanistan

Only days after the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan last August, the world watched in awe as the Taliban swiftly retook control. Desperate and visceral images of Afghans clinging to evacuation planes, lifting children over Kabul airport’s barbed wire fences, and stories of crisis dominated news coverage for weeks. On February 22, the CJF welcomes a panel of storytellers who were there before and during the takeover, to share their insights into the challenges, safety issues and nuances of covering this humanitarian crisis.

Featured speakers are Global News journalists Stewart Bell and Jeff Semple, who captured moments of loss and sacrifice after the Taliban had swept to power; VICE World News journalist Hind Hassan, who spoke with Taliban leaders in advance of the takeover; and visual storyteller Kiana Hayeri, who captured the transition through powerful photographs. Leading this discussion is Nil Köksal, host of CBC’s World Report and former foreign correspondent based in Istanbul, Turkey.    

Originally aired: Feb. 22, 2022, at 1 P.M. EST


Stewart Bell, a national online investigative journalist at Global News, is the author of three non-fiction books, most recently Bayou of Pigs about a far-right coup plot in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica. Bell's reporting has received numerous awards, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. @StewGlobal

Hind Hassan is an award-winning international correspondent for VICE News covering conflicts and humanitarian crises around the world, including the post-ISIS legacy in Syria, massive demonstrations in Lebanon and Iraq's anti-corruption protests where her team witnessed and documented human rights abuses. @HindHassanNews

Kiana Hayeri, an Iranian-Canadian photographer based in Kabul, is a Senior TED Fellow and a regular contributor to The New York Times and National Geographic. In 2020, she received the Tim Hetherington Visionary Award and the James Foley Award for Conflict Reporting. Last year, Hayeri received the Robert Capa Gold Medal for her photographic series "Where Prison is Kind of a Freedom," documenting the lives of Afghan women in Herat Prison. @kianahayeri

Jeff Semple is a Senior Correspondent and Video Journalist with Global National News based in Toronto. He has reported from more than 30 countries across five continents, covering terrorist attacks in Europe, the refugee crisis in the Middle East and from the frontlines of the fight against ISIS in Iraq and in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Semple's reports have been recognized by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, the Radio Television Digital News Association, the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Online Publishing Awards and Apple Podcasts. @JeffSempleGN


Nil Köksal is the host of World Report, CBC's flagship national radio news show with more than one million listeners. While working as a foreign correspondent in Istanbul, Köksal covered Syria, the refugee crisis and ISIS. She is a winner and two-time Canadian Screen Award nominee for her reporting. @nilkoksalcbc

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February 2, 2022 @ 11:10 am

News ’ForYou’: How TikTok is helping newsrooms reach new audiences

TikTok’s immense popularity among Gen Z users and more than one billion global user-base make the app an enticing storytelling tool for news publishers. Many newsrooms are reaching hundreds of thousands of young followers that they previously struggled to engage with off the platform. On February 1, The Canadian Journalism Foundation welcomes a panel of trailblazing journalists who are using the video-sharing network to bring news content to a whole new generation. They’ll share their insights on TikTok’s use as an effective storytelling tool and how newsrooms can get their audiences to go deeper on and off the app. 

Featured speakers are journalists Dave JorgensonThe Washington PostEvy KwongToronto Star and Sophia Smith GalerVICE World News, in conversation with Elamin Abdelmahmoud, host of the CBC podcast Pop Chat.


Originally aired: Feb. 1, 2022, at 1 P.M. EST



Dave Jorgenson is a video producer, editor and writer for "The Department of Satire" and various scripted series for The Washington Post. While at the Post, Dave launched the newsroom’s TikTok channel - where he posts short, newsworthy TikToks twice a day, five days a week. For his work on TikTok, he earned two Webby nominations in 2020 and a win in 2021. He won an award from the North American Digital Awards for 'Best Digital Project to Engage Young and/or Millennial Audiences.' He also made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in December 2020. He recently wrote a book, Make A TikTok Every Day, which includes 365 "prompts" for TikTok. @davejorgenson

Evelyn 'Evy' Kwong is an editor on the Toronto Star's Audience Team that focuses on platforming and finding new, diverse audiences and meeting the people where they are. She strategizes on ways to reach and build trust with communities that have been under-platformed, bring new voices into mainstream media and use new technology to provide everyone with access to information. She is also the editor of the Star's #InTheirOwnVoices, a first-person op-ed section on identity, and host/writer of the Star business series #MillennialMoney focusing on uncovering the financial worries of the younger generation. @EVYSTADIUM

Sophia Smith Galer is an award-winning reporter and author who has pioneered how TikTok can be used for journalism, bridging the gap between traditional media and Gen Z. She is a Senior News Reporter for VICE World News where she has reported on everything from the anti-vaxxers and incels gaming TikTok’s algorithm to youth washing at COP26 and spiking in the UK. Previously a BBC World Service reporter, she uncovered the misuse of political ads during the US election, as well as Donald Trump’s covert campaigning on the app. She has been selected as a TikTok Voice of Change in the UK two years in a row amongst the app's 100 top UK creators and recently won 'Innovation of the Year' at the British Journalism Awards for her TikTok account. Sophia's first book, Losing It, on debunking the sex misinformation on and offline that ruins lives, will be published by Harper Collins in April 2022. @sophiasgaler



Elamin Abdelmahmoud is a culture writer for BuzzFeed News and host of CBC’s pop culture show Pop Chat. He was a founding co-host of the CBC Politics podcast Party Lines, and he is a contributor to The National’s At Issue panel. His work has appeared in Rolling StoneThe Globe and Mail, and others. When he gets a chance, he writes bad tweets. @elamin88

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December 1, 2021 @ 2:36 pm

Behind the Scenes: An inside look into award-winning Globe and Mail investigations

Investigative journalists work tirelessly to hold the powerful to account by unearthing stories that expose systemic issues and can lead to meaningful change. On November 30, the Canadian Journalism Foundation welcomed award-winning Globe and Mail journalists Tom Cardoso, Grant Robertson, and Chen Wang for an inside look into how they pitch and research in-depth stories, the challenges they face, and the resulting impact of their work.

The National Newspaper Awards named Cardoso Journalist of the Year for his 2020 investigation into systematic bias against Indigenous, Black, and female prisoners in Canada's corrections system. In 2021, Robertson won several awards, including the CJF’s Jackman Award for Excellence in Journalism, for his work that uncovered serious flaws in Canada’s pandemic preparedness system with respect to COVID-19. In 2019, the National Newspaper Awards recognized Chen Wang and her colleagues in the Business category for their investigation on aging wells and how major organizations routinely offloaded energy assets with hefty cleanup costs onto smaller companies with limited capacity to pay the environmental bill. This year, Wang, a data journalist, has been exploring the power gap in the workplace and why progress for women has stalled.

Together, they joined David McKie, Deputy Managing Editor, Canada’s National Observer, in conversation.

For more program details, visit the CJF website: https://cjf-fjc.ca/j-talks/behind-scenes-inside-look-award-winning-globe-and-mail-investigations

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November 5, 2021 @ 8:59 am

J-Talks Live - Reimagining Opinion Journalism

In these highly opinionated times, what is the role of opinion journalism? What opinions should be amplified? Which views might be better left in the dark? Have opinions overtaken the news? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Kathleen Kingsbury, appointed in 2020 as the New York Times’ Opinion editor, tackles these big questions in her new role with one of the world's most influential Opinion sections.

Kingsbury speaks about the new ideas she brings to the Times and the future of opinion journalism, in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of J-Talks Live and the CBC podcast More.

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October 29, 2021 @ 9:34 am

J-Talks Live - Big Voices

At a time when a range of voices and perspectives are available across multiple platforms, and a choice word or angle can be a landmine—setting off a barrage of online hate—what does it take to be a columnist and how has the role evolved in a fraught social media environment where attacks inordinately target women and racialized journalists?

Featured speakers are columnists Daphne BramhamVancouver SunShree ParadkarToronto Star and Elizabeth RenzettiThe Globe and Mail, in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More.

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October 27, 2021 @ 11:40 am

State of Emergency: Reporting on Solutions to Climate Change

From record-breaking heatwaves to prolonged droughts to migration crises and even production declines, our changing climate impacts all aspects of society.

What role can journalists play in ensuring that climate reporting doesn’t only cover “what is” but “what can be”? What role can concrete solutions-based coverage play in responding to this crisis? In the lead-up to COP26 on October 31, this panel explored the importance of climate solutions journalism in sharing valuable knowledge and lessons learned from academics, news leaders, and local communities. 

Featured speakers Jonathan Watts, climate editor at The GuardianLinda Solomon Wood, CEO and editor-in-chief at Canada’s National ObserverMike De Souza, Managing Editor at The NarwhalLaura Lynch, host of CBC’s What on Earth, and Blair Feltmate, climatologist and professor at the University of Waterloo, were in conversation with Fatima Syed, journalist at The Narwhal.

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May 17, 2021 @ 9:21 am

J-Talks Live - David Remnick on The New Yorker

May 13, 2021 - David Remnick helms The New Yorker, journalism's gold standard for agenda-setting, long-form investigations and personal narratives. In the 23 years of Remnick’s editorship, The New Yorker has become the most-honoured magazine in the United States, winning 48 National Magazine Awards and six Pulitzer Prizes. Remnick also won a Pulitzer personally for Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire—one of his six books—based on his time serving as Moscow correspondent for The Washington Post. Remnick speaks about his remarkable career and the challenges of running a legacy publication in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of J-Talks Live and the CBC podcast More.

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March 4, 2021 @ 3:49 pm

J-Talks Live - News and How to Use It with Alan Rusbridger

March 3, 2021 - In his latest book News and How to Use It, the former long-time editor of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, casts his eye across the messy media landscape, examines the way journalism is produced and consumed, and offers a user’s guide on how to stay informed at a perplexing time of fast-changing news. Has it ever been more difficult to believe what we watch and read due to the proliferation of competing ‘truths’ online? Join Rusbridger, now chair of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University and a member of Facebook’s Oversight Board, as he offers his insights across a wide swathe of the industry, covering social media, citizen journalism, business models and more, in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More.

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