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May 29, 2020 @ 11:21 am

J-Talks Live - COVID-19 and the New Economic Reality

May 28, 2020 - At all levels, the Canadian economy is taking a hit amid this global pandemic. Even with federal and provincial governments providing unprecedented measures to help support workers, families and businesses, the scenarios for what a recovery might look like—and when—vary greatly. Join award-winning journalist Heather Scoffield, economics columnist and Ottawa bureau chief for the Toronto Star, for her informed perspective on the implications for the Canadian economy and covering the biggest economic challenge of our time. This webinar features Scoffield in conversation with Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More.

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May 21, 2020 @ 4:36 pm

J-Talks Live: Canadian Leadership and the COVID-19 Response

May 21, 2020 - In managing the biggest health and economic crisis of our time, Canadian politicians and public officials deploy varying strategies and levels of transparency. What does the handling of COVID-19 reveal about those at the helm of our country and our provinces — and what might this mean for Canada post-pandemic? Acclaimed journalist Chantal Hébert, a regular political contributor to news organizations including the Toronto StarL’Actualité and CBC’s The National, shares her perspectives on politics and leadership with host Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More.

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May 15, 2020 @ 8:33 am

J-Talks Live - Behind the Scenes of Covering COVID-19: The View from Vancouver

May 14, 2020 - From the outset, COVID-19 has been a fast-moving, relentless challenge for journalists across Canada and around the world. How do you report the news while working from home? Are there regional differences to this story? Vancouver’s Ian Hanomansing, weekend host of CBC News’s The National, reveals the challenges broadcast journalists face reporting in this social-distancing environment and shares his perspective on covering the pandemic from British Columbia where Canada’s first community-transmission cases appeared. Hanomansing is in conversation with host Anna Maria Tremonti, host of the CBC podcast More.



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May 7, 2020 @ 12:19 pm

J-Talks Live - Beyond Quarantine: The View from Beijing

May 7, 2020 - All eyes still remain on China, where COVID-19 first emerged, strict quarantine measures have been relaxed and attempts at resuming regular activities have begun, albeit with the use of controversial tools such as digital surveillance. From his base in Beijing, Nathan VanderKlippe, Asia correspondent for The Globe and Mail, shares his perspective on the pandemic’s outbreak in China and the issues arising from this new, post-lockdown life—including insights into what Canadians might expect once current restrictions are lifted. He’ll be in conversation with our host Anna Maria Tremonti, also host of the CBC podcast More.

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