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February 1, 2013 @ 2:02 pm

Journalism, Disrupted: How to Create Media Innovation

New tools, devices and technologies have proven to be powerful in reshaping journalism, whether in content distribution and consumption or in the newsroom structure itself. With the federal government committing $400 million to fund early-stage, venture capital start-ups, could this boost journalistic innovation? What, exactly, does media innovation look like? Zach Seward, senior editor at Atlantic Media's device-centric business news venture Quartz; Michael De Monte, CEO of ScribbleLive; David Skok, co-author of Breaking News: Mastering the Art of Disruptive Innovation in Journalism and director of digital for Global News; and moderator Marissa Nelson, acting director of digital media for CBC News and Centres, discussed what traditional media companies can learn from tech start-ups and how innovation can be fostered within newsrooms.

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